Calle Castillo 1 piso 1- Baños de la Encina (Jaén)

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Centro preparador oficial de Cambridge

True or nightmare? (a halloween story)/ ¿Verdad o pesadilla? (Una historia de Halloween)

It was a foggy Halloween night, when I was going to visit my grandmother, whose house was deep in the woods.While I was walking through the forest, I felt like somebody was chasing me, that made me feel very uneasy.Later, I heard footsteps behind me, so I started to run as fast as I could…
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Do blonde girls have more fun?/ ¿las rubias se divierten más?

To find out if a blonde girl has more fun than a brunette one in all respects, I reckon a social experiment may be a solution.  It would consists on making a brunette girl wear a blonde wig for a few days. It could be useful to find out if being blonde, brunette or any…
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Education: a double-edged sword/ educación: una espada de doble filo

Education has always been a significant topic for our society. The philosopher Plato (V b.C) spoke about the benefits of a good education and the importance of the governments to set up a strong education. First of all, to bring up our kids in a prosperous environment can go up the productivity in our country.…
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