Calle Castillo 1 piso 1- Baños de la Encina (Jaén)

Etiqueta: Antonio David Requena

Centro preparador oficial de Cambridge

Education: a double-edged sword/ educación: una espada de doble filo

Education has always been a significant topic for our society. The philosopher Plato (V b.C) spoke about the benefits of a good education and the importance of the governments to set up a strong education. First of all, to bring up our kids in a prosperous environment can go up the productivity in our country.…
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How to lose a woman in 2 simple steps/ Como perder a una mujer en 2 simples pasos

Surely, you know someone who is horrible in love. If you want to avoidit, you should know this two things that all women hate. – First, forget her birthday. For everyone, the day of their birthday is aspecial day. However, not remembering the girlfriend’s birthday can bring ondeception in your couple. Fortunately, one can always…
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