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Centro preparador oficial de Cambridge

Do blonde girls have more fun?/ ¿las rubias se divierten más?

To find out if a blonde girl has more fun than a brunette one in all respects, I reckon a social experiment may be a solution.  It would consists on making a brunette girl wear a blonde wig for a few days. It could be useful to find out if being blonde, brunette or any…
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How to understand a man in 3 simple steps/ Como entender a un hombre en 3 simples pasos

Are you one of those people who feel confused when it concerns men? Have you ever tried to understand them? What the hell is up with men? If you want to know some things that give you help and advice to understand men, this is your article. Pay attention and take note: At first, you…
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Education: a double-edged sword/ educación: una espada de doble filo

Education has always been a significant topic for our society. The philosopher Plato (V b.C) spoke about the benefits of a good education and the importance of the governments to set up a strong education. First of all, to bring up our kids in a prosperous environment can go up the productivity in our country.…
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Why women are from Jupiter and men from Venus

In a normal day, you may ask yourself why women and men are different, but not only biologically, I mean fixations and habits. Although men and women are the same, there are some difference between them: First of all is that women know how to do two things at the same time and men don´t…
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How to be cool and not die trying/ Como molar y no morir en el intento

Are you one of those adults who try to be cool in front of teenagers but never succeeds? If the answer is yes and you want to know how to be cool, this article is for you. Exclusively, the only thing that you shouldn’t do is say words which were on trend when you were…
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How to drive a teacher crazy/ como volver loco a un profesor

HAVE YOU EVER HATED ANY OF YOUR TEACHERS? In today’s article we will teach you how to annoy any teacher that you hate. First of all this is only a fun article don’t do it, you will be expelled of your school. – The first thing that you have to do is, don’t pay attention…
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How to lose a woman in 2 simple steps/ Como perder a una mujer en 2 simples pasos

Surely, you know someone who is horrible in love. If you want to avoidit, you should know this two things that all women hate. – First, forget her birthday. For everyone, the day of their birthday is aspecial day. However, not remembering the girlfriend’s birthday can bring ondeception in your couple. Fortunately, one can always…
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