Calle Castillo 1 piso 1- Baños de la Encina (Jaén)

Etiqueta: fantasía

Centro preparador oficial de Cambridge

The difficult wedding/ la difícil boda

1000 years ago, in a medieval castle there was a princess who had a very handsome boyfriend. They were a beautiful couple, but her parents, were evil with the boy, because her boyfriend was poor.One day the princess saw his father, he was talking with the queen about the poor boy.Another day, the princess ask…
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And there it was…/ y allí estaba…

After dinner I went to bed, but I could´t stop thinking about the girl in the picture. I closed my eyes and tried to remember her face. When I opened my eyes, she was there. She spoke quickly. You have to help me! I can’t do it!’ She took me by the hand, but this…
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